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Data Cleaning

Being the receiver of two duplicate mailshots is bad but surely being the company which paid to send them is worse. Retaining the integrity of new and old data is always a challenge when you are faced with many data sources, file types and structures. At Celsius Software, we have the right tools and services to ensure your data makes sense.

Removal of duplicate records

We excel in removing duplicate records. You may have multiple sources (database, spreadsheets, CSVs etc.) with multiple criteria for deduplication (firstname, lastname, email address etc.) - whatever your problem, we can help.

Data Structuring

Your system does not allow you to see multiple contacts to one address -each contact seems to have an address of its own. Relational data (one company to many contacts) is more efficient and gives your data true integrity. Whatever your problem, we are happy to advise.

Data Validation

Your data sources might be formatted differently: Date formats appear as 01/01/2005 and 1st Jan 2005, time formats have been entered as 1.15pm and 13:15, currencies appear as £1000 and 1000.00 GBP. This will affect the way your data is searched and sorted.


Certified FileMaker



Four weeks to produce a ground-up business solution managing 20000 documents from 60 countries -unbelievable!J.Griffiths
They saved us the value of their two month fee on the first day of the project!R.Julier
The difference in their approach and professionalism was very noticeable.S.Marks
The best FileMaker consultant we've ever hired.N.Baker

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