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Commercial Models

At Celsius Software we are always happy to discuss commercial terms and structure on a per-customer or per-project basis. In practice however, many of our projects are performed on either a time-and-materials basis or fixed-price/fixed-specification basis.

Time and Material Contracts

For time-and-materials contracts, Celsius Software simply charge for every day of time spent working on your project and is the most preferred option. Time and Material contracts are ideal if you have a project which will need some flexibility in its specification. An indication of the total cost is usually given in advance. A guide to our daily rates is available on request.

Fixed-price, Fixed-specification

For fixed-price, fixed-specification contracts, Celsius Software take on the development risk associated with the project and quote a price and delivery date to which we commit in advance. Such contracts are practical if there is a well-defined specification of the work to be performed.


A popular way to proceed is through a combination of time-and-materials work to produce a detailed specification, followed by a corresponding fixed-price quote for the main development work.


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Four weeks to produce a ground-up business solution managing 20000 documents from 60 countries -unbelievable!J.Griffiths
They saved us the value of their two month fee on the first day of the project!R.Julier
The difference in their approach and professionalism was very noticeable.S.Marks
The best FileMaker consultant we've ever hired.N.Baker

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